Sarah Hudson

74 Stonebow Road

Drakes Broughton, 

Worcester, WR10 2AS

United Kingdom

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Business Communication
Marketing & Advertising

Save valuable time, reduce costs and strengthen your brand with my high-quality English translation and proofreading service.

My name is Sarah Hudson. I help companies in the DACH region to

market their products and services in creative and polished English.


Communicate with confidence in English

Did you know that you can take twice as long to write in a foreign language, even if you speak that language really well? If you’re writing directly into English yourself, that’s a lot of time you could put to better use. Why not consider a partnership that frees up your time and makes you even more efficient? Whether business correspondence, reports or presentations, as a native English speaker, I can efficiently translate your texts into perfect English or polish texts you have already translated until they shine. What could you achieve with those extra hours every week?


Impress and inspire your target groups

Well-translated marketing texts will enhance your brand image and increase sales. I can translate your website, press releases, brochures, trade fair materials and content marketing from German into precise and well-crafted English. I ensure that your core marketing messages are translated accurately but are tailored to meet the needs of your English-speaking target market.



Why not put my transcreation skills to the test? Transcreation involves taking into account the cultural, linguistic and emotional requirements of your target market when translating advertising messages. Translating advertising texts in a literal way can be badly received by your target groups which could potentially damage your brand. I can reproduce your slogans and advertisements in a creative and culturally sensitive way to evoke the same emotions and associations as the original version.




Translations that turn heads

Translating for the fashion industry requires a high degree of creativity and specialist knowledge. Customers are much more interested in buying products if they are presented in an appealing way. It is therefore important to work with a specialist translator who can present your fashion brand to English-speaking customers in the most attractive way possible. I know how to use the right terminology and can adopt the right tone of voice to show your products to their best advantage. I have a special interest in the fashion industry. I follow the latest developments and have recently completed a course on sustainable fashion with the London College of Fashion.




The best in hospitality



Would you like to attract more visitors to your region or hotel? Are you looking for an experienced translator who can skilfully use the English language to convey the beauty of your region or the fantastic features of your hotel? Allow me to take care of your tourism translation requirements and use polished and creative English translations to raise your region’s profile, increase visitor numbers and enhance customer service.

I am one click away. Simply send me an email with the text you would like translated and I'll get back to you promptly with a price and a delivery date. Your text and personal details will be treated as confidential.