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"I love being a translator."

I get to immerse myself in the wonderful German language every day.


It's amazing how precise, descriptive and inventive it can be.


No wonder it's called the language of poets and thinkers.

I have worked as a translator for over 10 years. During this time, I have become:

An accomplished 'human' translator

Instant translation using tools such as Google Translate and DeepL is becoming relatively reliable and proficient. These tools are great if you need simple and repetitive texts translating, but they are not very good at taking into account context, nuance and emotion in more complex texts.


This is where I step in. I know how to use technology to enhance accuracy, productivity and consistency, but I also apply my years of training and the human touch to carefully craft texts that sound natural and resonate with the reader.

A member of a strong community

I belong to a network of talented linguists who are passionate about languages and their profession. Being part of this community is a great way to share knowledge of translation technology, terminology and business practices. Reviewing and having my work reviewed by my peers also enhances the quality of my work.


Over the years, I have established trusted partnerships with other language professionals and have collaborated on a number of projects (see blog post). This way of working has yielded huge benefits for my clients, and to me personally and professionally.

A reliable business partner

Attracting and persuading customers in English-speaking markets are my clients' prime objectives. As a native speaker of English with a knowledge of copywriting techniques, I always ensure that my translations mirror the ideas and emotions in the original German text in a way that speaks to the English-speaking customer.

I pride myself on my reliability, thoroughness and approachability. I aim to develop longstanding relationships with my clients so that I can develop a good understanding of their businesses. This is the best way to product outstanding translations that achieve top results.

A qualified professional

1991-95: Undergraduate studies in German at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

1997-2000: Bilingual administrator for Klöckner Moeller, manufacturer of electrical switchgear.

2009-2011: Post-graduate training in translation with City University, London.

Since 2011: Each year, I translate, transcreate, proofread and edit hundreds of texts, including press releases, websites and brochures for companies, tourism associations and other institutions.

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I'm a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI) and regularly attend courses and conferences to keep my skills sharp. I have completed a digital marketing course (We are Digital) and am a certified content writer (Hubspot).

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Ann-carin hahn-kÖdiNg

Marketing Manager
imds professional

Sarah organised the translation of our whole website into English. She was very pleasant to work with, she listened to our  needs, made good suggestions, was flexible and paid attention to details. We can absolutely  recommend her and are happy to continue working with her.


mario corcione

Project Manager
Creative Translation

I am amazed by the constant support you give to other members of the team, easing the process while  providing high-quality output. All comments are about suggestions and improvements and never mere criticisms…sometimes these projects are not that  straightforward I know, but you manage to smoothen the process  for everybody and I am really, really happy about that! (and  honoured to work with you).


marion rhodes


Your blog post was very insightful and well written. I even shared it with my team at work, because I have mentioned many times how the advertising approach in  Germany is not like American advertising. It was great to have something to back it up with.

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