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Professional Translation

A good translator is just like a favourite item of clothing: a faithful and trusted friend who makes you look good and feel good.

​Do you want prospective customers across the world to read about the quality of your products and services in accurate and engaging English?

​Do you want to save money and have more time to focus on your priorities by having your language requirements efficiently dealt with by an expert?

Do you want to feel confident that the English on your website clearly reflects your brand’s personality and values?

Allow me to do the linguistic legwork for you …

My name is Sarah Hudson and I am a professional German to English translator who is passionate about delivering a top-quality translation service. My creative English language skills and experience make me a logical choice for companies in the DACH zone who want to communicate effectively with English-speaking customers and business partners.

The ability to translate requires more than just a good knowledge of a second language and a good dictionary. It takes many years of experience to spot linguistic pitfalls and to cultivate an elegant style of writing in your own mother tongue. I am a real stickler for detail and I only deliver texts where I have translated your original message in a faithful, creative and eloquent way.


Save valuable time

Leaving your English translations to an expert will free up your valuable time to focus on your business priorities rather than on English grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Reduce costs



​​I always charge a fair and transparent price. When you send me texts to translate, I will provide a fair and transparent quotation so you will never overpay for easy texts or for having parts of texts translated that don’t need to be.



Protect your brand



​You can feel confident about the quality of your marketing materials as I will guarantee your English translations consistently reflect your brand values. I will use the right words so that your customers will love your products as much as you do. I care about the success of your business and I ensure I undertake extensive research to ensure I understand your industry, its jargon and the wider issues. This means I will ensure that your company communicates in the most authoritative and professional way possible.



Increase sales



​​You will gain more international clients and increase your profits. Based on a consumer survey by Common Sense Advisory, companies that market in authentic native language can increase their sales by up to 75%.



Continuous linguistic support



​​You will gain a reliable, flexible and friendly business partner who is always on hand to respond to your queries, make corrections and provide advice. 



Extra confidence in your English skills



​​You will gain confidence when you deal with English speakers as I can provide tips and tricks to improve your fluency and idiomatic use of English. For example, if you want me to, I can point out frequent mistakes and provide explanations when I edit your texts.



I am one click away. Simply send me an email with the text you would like translated and I'll get back to you promptly with a price and a delivery date. Your text and personal details will be treated as confidential.


  • Transcriptions of vlogger videos for a leading hair product manufacturer

  • Video tutorials for a cosmetics company

  • Trade fair materials for a multinational large equipment manufacturer

  • Corporate blogs for a software developer that uses app technology to promote cycling in urban areas across Europe

  • Promotional material for a professional association

  • Website content for an exclusive bridal fashion retailer

  • Press releases for a large IT trade show

  • Product descriptions for a luxury footwear manufacturer

  • Transcriptions of online videos that promote a traffic routing software solution

  • Website content for a government-funded organisation that promotes innovative technology and regional investment

  • Press releases for a company that produces sustainable packaging solutions

  • Online brochures for a textile manufacturer

Why not see for yourself?

Take a look at these sample translations which demonstrate my ability to translate German into clear, creative and professional English: